Why Should You Choose BioMetrics?

BioMetrics is not the only company that provides prosthetic and orthotic products, but we understand why we have such a high rate of patient loyalty and dedicated staff.

  • Our emphasis is placed on the needs and goals of the patient, not just a part of the body.
  • We recognize that for most people in need of a prosthetic limb or advanced orthotic product, this can be an emotionally difficult time. Our staff does not attempt to downplay or avoid the emotional aspects of helping a patient adjust to an adaptive device. We work with our patients to understand the process, and see the possibilities that lie ahead.
  • We understand that we play a vital role in the lives of our patients, and with that role comes great responsibility.
  • BioMetrics uses the same suppliers to obtain components for their products as our competitors. The difference is in the service and skills we offer in creating, fitting, and maintaining the prosthesis or orthosis and meeting the overall needs of our patients.
  • We have access to the latest technology from around the globe, including a sophisticated CAD computer system.
  • The BioMetrics clinical staff understands there is a time to use CAD technology, and a time when the more time-consuming practice of hand casting and sculpting adaptive devices is more appropriate. Simply put, while we have CAD technology on site, we recognize there are times when a direct, hands-on approach is better.
  • Our decision making is not based on how much time it will take our clinicians, but how to attain the best possible result for our patients.
  • The staff of BioMetrics works to establish strong relationships with our patients built on trust, our knowledge of their needs, and their knowing we will be there for them when they need us.
  • We know we are not just fitting a product to fill a prescription; we are finding the best solution to fit a life.
  • The owners of BioMetrics are on site to make sure the highest standards are met for both our products and the service we provide for our patients. We have no responsibility to shareholders or outside interests.

We invite you to come to our office for a free consultation and meet with our staff to help you make an informed decision. The relationship you forge with your prosthetic or orthotic provider is long term, and we want you to take a look at what we have to offer.

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