Pediatric Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Cranial Remolding

BioMetrics is able to accommodate patients of any age, but we are particularly proud of our ability to work effectively with children.

Children are not just little adults with scaled down needs. They have unique challenges that require a special approach. First and foremost, our practitioners spend the time needed with our young patients and their families to perform a thorough evaluation and establish a level of trust and comfort necessary for a positive outcome.

Our measure of success is simple: provide our kids with the tools necessary to reach their developmental milestones as soon as possible. We do this by working with leading labs throughout the country such as Cascade DAFO and SOCS, and by coordinating information from other treating healthcare providers such as their physicians or therapists in order to obtain a comprehensive and effective treatment plan.

For pediatric patients, BioMetrics makes a concerted effort to alleviate the normal anxiety that accompanies a new patients initial visit. For example, we realize that it is remotely possible that our clinicians may not be quite as exciting as say, Legos or other toys, so we have a Kid’s Corner which provides games and activities to help keep both the young patient and their siblings occupied and content. We also have specialized methods of removing casts, which are less traumatic than conventional approaches.

Our pediatric orthoses are available with decorative patterns designed with kids in mind. We also offer ultra-thin designs to minimize bulk and offer the flexibility that kids need to achieve their goals.

If you are looking for a prosthetic or orthotic provider for your child, we encourage you to call and schedule a free consultation. In daily life we interview contractors, workers, painters and other people. It makes sense to interview people to assist you in providing the best possible care for your child.

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