Upper Extremity Orthotics & Lower Extremity OrthoticsThe term orthotics refers to braces which can be used to treat a wide range of physical needs from flat feet to complex neurological issues. Because any part of the anatomy may be impacted, having extensive clinical experience as well as a total understanding of the human form is essential. Whether an orthosis has been prescribed for a simple correction, or as part of a complex medical intervention, our ABC certified clinicians can help.

The braces designed by BioMetrics are made of the latest light weight plastics and carbon fiber to reduce both bulk and weight while maximizing effectiveness.

Whether you are looking to protect from injury, recover from surgery, meet functional goals, or prevent progression of deformity, the staff of BioMetrics can meet your orthotic needs.

We encourage you to contact BioMetrics to set up a free consultation. That’s the best way to learn about us and the professional services we provide. We believe it will be time well spent.

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