Custom prosthetics limbs and back braces in CTWhen dealing with lower extremity prosthetics, our ABC certified clinicians have an in depth understanding of the many variables which go into the successful design of a prosthesis. Working with the patient and other healthcare professionals, we will design the best possible prosthesis to meet our patient’s needs.

Unlike an upper extremity prosthesis, a lower extremity prosthesis is required to support body weight which can create a force of 120% of the person’s body weight, even more if used while running. That means factoring in durability along with fit. Fit is perhaps the most important aspect of the design with the prosthesis needing to manage both solid and soft tissue anatomy to provide comfort and functional results.

Depending upon both the lifestyle of the patient and the type of amputation, there are a variety of suspension techniques available. Using the latest technology, we can design a prosthesis to accommodate simple transfers (from bed to chair) or computerized, sophisticated prostheses for high impact activities such as running.

Whether you need a partial foot or a complete limb, BioMetrics can design and create a prosthesis to suit your lifestyle and help you meet your goals. Please give us a call to set up a free consultation so you can learn more about us and our individualized approach to prosthetic and rehabilitation services.

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