Prosthetic Arm, arm amputation, prosthetic limbWhen it comes to upper extremity prosthetics we take great pride in our ability to blend maximum function with a pleasing cosmetic effect. Attaining this balance tends to be a greater challenge when it comes to upper extremity needs than with lower extremity prosthetics. To assist us, we use the services of an experienced artist who specializes in cosmetic restoration with truly amazing results. When a person loses an arm, it can have a great impact on their center of gravity which can lead to balance issues, back trouble and other physical challenges. The extensive training our clinicians undergo allow them to successfully deal with the complex rehabilitation needs of a person who has experienced an upper extremity amputation. Their technical knowledge also permits them to work with each patient to determine the best type of prosthesis to meet their needs. At BioMetrics, we offer both body powered prostheses using harnesses and cables, as well as sophisticated myo-electric technology in which battery powered electrodes pick up signals generated by the user’s body. Rehabilitation and proper maintenance are essential for transitioning to life with a prosthesis.

Whatever your prosthetic needs, we encourage you to contact BioMetrics to set up a free consultation. We always enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge and let you see in person, the type of services we offer.

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